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Upstairs Shelf (longwave UV)

Upstairs Shelf
(longwave UV)

Glo-Glass Samples and Paperweight by David Wilson Uranium Glass Slag or Cullet, West Virginia Wernerite, Otter Lake, Quebec, Canada Hand Painted Fenton Ginger Jar Hackmanite, Kola Peninsula, Russia Colemanite, Calcite, US Borax Mine, Boron, CA Wernerite, Otter Lake, Quebec, Canada Calcite var. manganocalcite, Idarado Mine, Ouray, Colorado Fluorescent Marbles Calcite var. manganocalcite Egg, Peru Fluorite Bear Septarian Nodule Egg Septarian Nodule Hyalite, Mitchell Co., NC Cerussite, Mibladen, Morocco Helmut by AKRO AGATE Uranium Patch Marble Yellow Calcite, Florida Alaska Pattern Sugar Bowl Uranium Glass Bottle Sulfur & Aragonite, Girgenti, Sicily Fluorescent Sun Catcher Fluorescent Slag by AKRO AGATE Fluorite, China Fluorite Sphere Fluorite, Weardale, England Fluorite, Spain Hackmanite, Davis Quarry, Bancroft, Ontario Septarian Nodule Bison Fluorite, Galena, Rogerly Mine, Frosterly, Co. Durham, England Calcite, Lecanto Quarry, Citrus Co.,Florida Selenite, Red River Floodway, Winnepeg, Ontario Hyalite Opal