Tozour Family's Stereo Photography of Fluorescent Minerals:

Stereo Viewing Options and Instructions

How to use HTML5 Stereo Viewer by Masuji SUTO

Viewing the Parallel format thumbnails
- Look wide-eyed at the screen until the left and right images fuse together to a single 3D image ("Free Viewing"), or a viewing aid like "Pokescope" may be used.
- Once you have the first image fused, scroll down with your mouse wheel to view the other pictures.

Viewing full size parallel and cross eyed pictures
- Click one of the parallel format thumbnails to go to a page with a parallel version.
- From the parallel version page, click "cross" to go to the cross eyed version if desired.
- The pictures on the pages with the parallel and cross versions are actually the full size files but have been resized smaller by the html page.
- Use your browser's zoom function to adjust the size of the pictures if desired, usually Ctrl + and Ctrl - , Ctrl 0 to reset. The browser will keep the zoom setting from page to page.
- Click the parallel or cross picture to go directly to the full size jpg. This full size picture will probably be resized by your browser to fit your screen.
- To free view the parallel pictures see "Viewing the Parallel format thumbnails" above.
To free view the cross-eyed format pictures
- Hold up your finger close to your eyes in front of the picture and look at the finger cross-eyed.
- You should see one finger and not double vision.
- The two images should fuse into one stereo image behind the finger. Keep viewing cross-eyed as you focus on the fused picture.

Opening a jps image with an associated application
- If a 3D application is installed and associated with jps images, such as sView, StereoPhoto Maker, Stereoscopic Player, or the Nvidia Stereo Viewer, click the shutter glasses icon.

Opening the cross or parallel pictures in StereoPhoto Maker from Firefox
- Drag and Drop the picture to a desktop shortcut icon for SPM.

Using Nvidia 3D Vision
- Stereoscopic Player, StereoPhoto Maker and sView support Nvidia 3D Vision.

Using Red-Blue Anaglyph Glasses
- Anaglyph viewing is available in HTML5 Stereo Viewer, StereoPhoto Maker and other applications but does not work well with several of my pictures. In fluorescent mineral collecting, color is everything, and the highly saturated, nearly monochromatic colors emitted by some minerals would be very difficult to reproduce in an anaglyph.

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