Tozour Family's Fluorescent Rocks:

Stereo Viewing Options and Instructions

Three main options for stereo viewing are available on the "Tozour Family's Fluorescent Rocks" website. These are:

jps jps       In Windows 7 or 10, or in your browser, associate the ".jps" file extension with sView Stereo Viewer or StereoPhoto Maker
Clicking the shutterglasses icon should open the stereo photo in sView or SPM for viewing in your choice of formats, including Nvidia 3D Vision or OpenGL Stereo if available on your system.

      jpg jpg       Clicking the jpg icon will open the original size stereo photo pair in the cross-eyed format. The picture may then be viewed directly by those who can view cross-eyed format pictures, or, in Windows, may be dragged and dropped to StereoPhoto Maker or another stereo viewer for viewing in various formats.

      HTML5 Stereo ViewerHTML5 Stereo Viewer        How to use HTML5 Stereo Viewer by Masuji SUTO

Viewing Parallel format pictures
- Look wide-eyed at the screen until the left and right images fuse together to a single 3D image ("Free Viewing"), or a viewing aid like "Pokescope" may be used.

Viewing Cross-eyed format pictures
- Hold up your finger close to your eyes in front of the picture and look at the finger cross-eyed.
- You should see one finger and not double vision.
- The two images should fuse into one stereo image behind the finger. Keep viewing cross-eyed as you focus on the fused picture.

Using Red-Blue Anaglyph Glasses
- Anaglyph viewing is available in HTML5 Stereo Viewer, StereoPhoto Maker and other applications but does not work well with several of my pictures. In fluorescent mineral collecting, color is everything, and the highly saturated, nearly monochromatic colors emitted by some minerals would be very difficult to reproduce in an anaglyph.

James E. Tozour,

Last Updated 9/1/2021

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