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Tozour Family's Fluorescent Rocks Page 31:

Franklin Mineral Dump

Click this link Page 31 - Franklin Mineral Dump (Buckwheat Dump 2) Plugin for a special page for use of the sView plugin in Internet Explorer or very old versions of Firefox ESR

Franklin Mineral Museum

Some pictures of minerals we collected at the Franklin Mineral Dump or "Buckwheat Dump", Franklin, New Jersey.

Click picture for larger size

Franklin minerals under white light

White light

The plastic visible at the top half of the top tray is a small piece of "Palsun" sheet used to shield the scrap Plexiglas front of the case from UV.
The Plexiglas would fluoresce otherwise.

Franklin minerals under shortwave UV light
Shortwave ultraviolet light

Top left tray - calcite, willemite collected in early 1960s from Buckwheat Dump.
Top right tray- calcite, willemite and hydrozincite collected by Elizabeth and David in June 1997.
Bottom trays - calcite, willemite and "White Boulder" Collected 4-24-99 at Trotter Dump.
(Quick Stitch composites of Sony DSC-S50 pictures)



Uranium glass rod