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Neon Rose lightbulb with glowing rose electrodes and green fluorescing leaves Calcite - Chihuahua, Mexico (shortwave UV) - Pattern is only visible under shortwave ultraviolet light
Afghanite - Afghanistan Afghanite - Afghanistan - afghanite under combined shortwave, longwave and midwave ultraviolet, Sony DSC-S50 with +4 macro lens on Bogen slide bar,
 Two pictures taken for each side, auto macro and manual 0.5 m, combined with CombineZ
Calcite, quartz, pyrite - Huanzala, Peru - calcite fluorescent red (longwave UV) Fluorite, galena - Rogerly Mine, Frosterly, Co. Durham, England - fluorite fluorescent blue (longwave UV)
Hyalite crust - North Carolina - scanner, with longwave ultraviolet back lighting Hyalite - Valec, Czech Republic - green fluorescence (shortwave UV)
Phlogopite, calcite - Afghanistan Phlogopite, calcite - Afghanistan - phlogopite yellow (shortwave UV), calcite red (midrange UV)
Tugtupite - Kvanefjeld, Illimaussaq Complex, Greenland (longwave UV) Cerussite - Mibladen, Morocco (longwave UV)
Calcite crystals in clam shell - Rucks' Pit, Fort Drum, Fl., about 2 milion years old Calcite crystals in clam shell - Rucks' Pit, Fort Drum, Fl., about 2 milion years old (longwave UV)
Tirodite blades, tremolite - Talcville, St. Lawrence Co., NY (longwave UV) Calcite - Perkiominville, PA (midrange UV)
Eastonite w/tremolite, C.K. Williams Quarry,Northampton County, Easton, PA Eastonite w/tremolite, C.K. Williams Quarry,Northampton County, Easton, PA, midrange UV
Mineral case under white light Mineral case under ultraviolet light



Uranium glass rod

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