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Pg 1 Home Page
Pg 2 More rocks 3D
Pg 3 Ultraviolation 97 3D
Pg 4 Gemarama 97 3D
Pg 5 Purple Passion 3D
Pg 6 Benitoite 3D
Pg 7 Tenebrescence
Pg 8 Castle Dome 3D
Pg 9 NJESA Show 3D
Pg 10 Uranium Glass 3D
Pg 11 Long Wave 3D
Pg 12 Short Wave 3D
Pg 13 Radioactives
Pg 14 Radioactives
Pg 15 Radioactives
Pg 16 Ruggles Mine 3D
Pg 17 Fluorescent 98 3D
Pg 18 Triboluminescence
Pg 19 Display Case
Pg 20 Franklin Show 3D
Pg 21 Ultraviolation 98 3D
Pg 22 Gemarama 98 3D
Pg 23 Winter 99 3D
Pg 24 Glass
Pg 25 Namibia 3D
Pg 26 Sterling Hill 3D
Pg 27 Sterling Hill
Pg 28 Franklin Dump 3D
Pg 29 Lime Crest 3D
Pg 30 Fluorescent 99 3D
Pg 31 Franklin Dump 2
Pg 32 Ultra 99 3D
Pg 33 Marbles
Pg 34 Delaware 2000 3D
Pg 35 Glo-Glass 3D
Pg 36 Tugtupite 3D
Pg 37 Phila 2000 3D
Pg 38 Belgium 3D
Pg 39 Fluorescent 2000 3D
Pg 40 England 3D
Pg 41 Bancroft
Pg 42 Bancroft2 3D
Pg 43 Crystals 3D
Pg 44 Ultra2001 3D
Pg 45 Cape May
Pg 46 Trotter Dump
Pg 47 West Virginia
Pg 48 Reymert Mine 3D
Pg 49 Ultra2018 3D
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Pg 8 Adamite
Pg 9 TerlinguaCalcite
Pg 10 Stereo
Pg 11 Stereo
Pg 12 Castle Dome
Pg 13 Stereo
Pg 14 Radioactives
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Tozour Family's Fluorescent Rocks:

Links and Updates Page

About Mineral Fluorescence

Fluorescent Mineral SocietyLuminescence - Fluorescent Mineral Society

Mineral Fluorescence - Uhaul Supergraphics New Jersey


Fluorescent Mineral PhotographyFluorescent Mineral Photography - Mark Cole ( Fluorescent Mineral Society site )

Stereo Photography

Tozour Family's Stereo Home Page - 3D Stereo Pictures of Fluorescent Minerals

Show Dates, Events and Collecting sites

Rock & Gem Magazine - Show Dates - Glowhound Super Diggg™

Franklin Mineral Museum - Collect at the Buckwheat Dump and visit the museum.

Sterling Hill Mining Museum - Tour mine and Thomas S. Warren Museum of Fluorescence. Collect last Sunday each month.

Bancroft Chamber of Commerce - Collect at the CN Dump and on the Geologist Led Digs.

Mineral Images

Adventures of a Fluorescent Mineral Collector - Corby Waste


Natures Rainbows


Flickr Fluorescent Minerals Group

Fluorescent Mineral Photo Gallery - James O. Hamblen

Fluorescent Museum - Stuart Schneider

Earth Glow - Mike & Sheryl Rodriquez

Mark Thompson's Information Page - Fluorescent Minerals

Clubs and Internet Groups

The North Jersey Mineralogical Society

Philadelphia Mineralogical Society

Flickr Fluorescent Minerals Group

Delaware Mineralogical Society

Delaware Valley Earth Science Society - Fossil & Rock Hounding

Fluorescent Mineral SocietyFluorescent Mineral Society

Tuscarora Lapidary Society

Information and link collections

Home Rock Collecting Guide -

The Hardness of Metals: A Visual Representation of Mohs Scale - Alan's Factory Outlet

Beyond 4Cs - Paul Gian

Guide to Geodes - Maryville University

Rock Collecting - HomeAdvisor - suggested by Peyton

Uhaul Supergraphics - New Jersey - All about Franklin fluorescence, history, etc. - Namibia's travel information

Fluorescent Mineral and UV light Dealers - Rare and collectible mineral specimens - Riemvasmaak Fluorite - Jimmy Crabb

UVtools - UVtools - Tony Mancini

UV SYSTEMS - Don Newsome

Mama's Minerals - Unique Gifts from Mother Earth to You

Polman Minerals - George Polman - Fluorescent mineral specimens and UV lamps - Fluorescent Minerals from Greenland and the world - UV lights and specimens from The Purple Passion mine and Hogan Claim - Bill Gardner

Attard's Minerals - John and Kathy Attard

Cyberocks - (and KIDS ROCKS) Steven Shramko

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08/14/2005 Pg 4 Stereo 3D stereo pictures of minerals from the 2005 Philadelphia and Delaware shows
04/01/2005 Pg 3 Stereo 3D stereo pictures of gold-fluorescing sphalerite
04/01/2005 Pg 2 Stereo 3D stereo pictures of fluorescent minerals
10/28/2003 Stereo Home Page 3D Stereo pictures of fluorescent minerals
08/11/2003 Pg 43 Crystals Moved witherite and barite from Links Page
03/10/2003 Pg 48 Reymert Mine 3D Christmas Ore
11/16/2002 Pg 36 Tugtupite New pictures under SW, LW, MR & white light
11/13/2002 Pg 12 Short Wave 3D Replaced all "Snappy" pictures with digital.
10/22/2002 Pg 47 West Virginia New page
10/21/2002 Pg 11 Long Wave New image mapped pictures
09/23/2002 Pg 19 Display Case New pictures under 110 watt lamp with image mapped descriptions
08/17/2002 Pg 46 Trotter Dump Moved pictures of Trotter Dump minerals to page 46. (all digital now)
08/09/2002 Pg 3 Ultraviolation 97 Replaced all "Snappy" pictures on page 3 with digital.
07/07/2002 Pg 45 Cape May Diamonds New Page
05/29/2002 Pg 5 Purple Passion 3D Restored links to larger pictures of Purple Passion and Hogan Claim specimens. Slowly tuning up entire site.
Uranium glass rod

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